Total Quartz 5000 SN 20W-50 Engine Oil

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Total Quartz 5000 SN 20W-50 Engine Oil

International Standards: API SN/CF

Packaging: 4 L


Get Total Quartz 5000 SN 20W-50 Engine Oil

Total Quartz 5000 SN 20W-50 is a high-quality mineral engine oil designed for use in a variety of gasoline and diesel engines. This oil is formulated to meet the latest industry standards and provides several benefits that help enhance engine performance, protection, and longevity. Here’s a detailed look at its features and benefits:

Features of Total Quartz 5000 SN 20W-50

  1. Viscosity Grade: 20W-50
    • This viscosity grade provides excellent protection and performance in both high and low temperature conditions. The “20W” indicates good cold start properties, while “50” indicates that it can handle higher temperatures and stresses.
  2. API SN Rating:
    • The American Petroleum Institute (API) SN rating means this oil meets the latest specifications for engine protection, performance, and efficiency. It ensures compatibility with modern engines and provides improved high-temperature deposit protection for pistons.
  3. Mineral Base Oil:
    • Being a mineral-based oil, Total Quartz 5000 SN 20W-50 is suitable for a wide range of older vehicles and some newer models, offering a cost-effective solution for engine lubrication.

Benefits of Total Quartz 5000 SN 20W-50

    • 1. Superior Engine Protection

      • Wear Reduction: The high viscosity of 20W-50 oil forms a thicker lubricating film, which provides enhanced protection against metal-to-metal contact, reducing wear on critical engine components such as camshafts, pistons, and bearings.
      • Long Engine Life: By minimizing wear and tear, the oil helps extend the overall life of the engine, ensuring sustained performance over time.

      2. High Temperature Stability

      • Maintains Viscosity: Total Quartz 5000 SN 20W-50 maintains its viscosity at high operating temperatures, ensuring consistent lubrication and protection under severe driving conditions, such as towing, hauling, or high-speed driving.
      • Prevents Oil Breakdown: The oil’s formulation resists thermal breakdown, preventing it from becoming too thin at high temperatures and ensuring it continues to protect the engine effectively.

      3. Oxidation and Thermal Breakdown Resistance

      • Sludge and Deposit Prevention: The oil’s resistance to oxidation helps prevent the formation of sludge and varnish, which can clog engine components and reduce performance. This keeps the engine clean and running smoothly.
      • Extended Oil Life: By resisting thermal breakdown, the oil maintains its protective qualities over a longer period, reducing the need for frequent oil changes and lowering maintenance costs.

      4. Enhanced Detergency and Dispersancy

      • Engine Cleanliness: The detergents and dispersants in the oil help keep the engine clean by preventing the accumulation of harmful deposits and sludge. This ensures that the engine operates efficiently and reliably.
      • Optimal Performance: A cleaner engine runs more efficiently, with less risk of performance issues caused by deposits and sludge.

      5. Versatility and Compatibility

      • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for a variety of gasoline and diesel engines, making it a versatile choice for mixed fleets or families with multiple vehicle types.
      • Older Vehicles: Particularly beneficial for older vehicles that require a thicker oil for better protection and performance.
      • Seal Compatibility: The oil is compatible with standard engine seals, reducing the risk of leaks and maintaining long-term engine reliability.

      6. Improved Fuel Economy

      • Minimized Friction: Although 20W-50 oils are generally thicker and may not offer the same fuel economy benefits as lower viscosity oils, Total Quartz 5000 SN 20W-50 is formulated to minimize friction within the engine, contributing to improved efficiency where applicable.
      • Efficient Power Transfer: By reducing internal friction, the oil helps ensure that more of the engine’s power is effectively transferred to the drivetrain, enhancing overall vehicle performance.

      7. Cold Start Protection

      • Cold Weather Performance: The “20W” rating indicates that the oil remains fluid at low temperatures, providing adequate lubrication during cold starts and reducing engine wear in colder climates.
      • Consistent Protection: Ensures that the engine is protected from the moment it starts, even in low-temperature conditions, reducing the risk of damage due to poor lubrication.

      8. High Mileage Benefits

      • Thicker Oil Film: For high-mileage vehicles, the thicker oil film provided by a 20W-50 viscosity grade offers better sealing and protection, which is essential for engines that may have increased internal wear and loose tolerances.
      • Leak Reduction: The thicker viscosity can help reduce oil leaks in older engines by providing a better seal around gaskets and seals.

      9. Economic and Environmental Advantages

      • Extended Drain Intervals: The stability and durability of Total Quartz 5000 SN 20W-50 mean that it can often be used for longer intervals between oil changes, reducing the frequency and cost of maintenance.
      • Lower Emissions: A well-lubricated and clean engine operates more efficiently and produces fewer emissions, contributing to a reduction in the vehicle’s environmental impact.


  • Passenger Cars:
    • Ideal for older passenger cars that require a thicker oil for better protection and performance.
  • Light Trucks and SUVs:
    • Suitable for light trucks and SUVs that operate under heavy loads or in high-temperature environments.
  • High Mileage Vehicles:
    • Particularly beneficial for high-mileage vehicles that may have increased engine wear and require a more viscous oil for adequate protection.
  • Mixed Fleet Operations:
    • Can be used in mixed fleet operations where both gasoline and diesel engines are present, providing a versatile lubrication solution.



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