Genuine Spark Plugs Denso 90919-01221 SK20BGR11


Product Name:Spark Plug

Part Number Denso :SK20BGR11

Part Number Toyota:90919-01221

Applicable Model

Toyota Wish

Toyota Caldina

Toyota Premio/Allion

Cross Reference



Denso 067700-973



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The SK20BGR11 spark plug is an iridium-tipped plug designed for use in various gasoline-powered engines. It is part of Denso’s Iridium Tough series of spark plugs, which are engineered to provide high performance and superior durability in harsh operating conditions.

The SK20BGR11 spark plug features a 0.4mm diameter iridium center electrode, which provides a strong and consistent spark for improved combustion efficiency. The iridium alloy used in the electrode is also highly resistant to wear and corrosion, which helps to extend the plug’s lifespan.

The plug also has a platinum-tipped ground electrode, which is designed to resist wear and maintain consistent performance over time. The electrode design helps to improve ignitability and fuel efficiency, and also reduces the risk of fouling.

The SK20BGR11 spark plug is specifically designed for use in high-stress environments, such as turbocharged or supercharged engines, or engines that operate at high temperatures or under heavy loads. It is also compatible with a wide range of vehicle makes and models, and is designed to provide reliable performance and fuel efficiency in a variety of driving conditions.