Rear Hand Brake Lining Noah Voxy

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INTIMA Hand Brake Lining

Made in Taiwan

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Rear Hand Brake Lining Noah Voxy in Kenya.

Find the best prices for Rear Hand Brake Lining for Noah  Voxy  in Nairobi Kenya.

The Price for Noah Voxy Rear Hand Brake Lining is Ksh3500 in Nairobi Kenya.

Hand brake lining is  a vital part of the braking system. Hand brake also well known  as parking brakes.

Hand brake lining prevent car from rolling on a steep hill once it have been parked.

It is an essential component and should be maintained and replaced regularly just like brake pads.

Maintaining effective hand brake lining is important to avoid unsafe parking of the car.

Hand brake should be replaced using durable, affordable and long lasting hand brakes.

INTIMA provide high quality ,durable and environmental friendly hand brake lining suitable for your vehicle.





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