NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plug Mazda, Lexus, Honda BCPR5EP

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NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plug Mazda, Lexus, Honda BCPR5EP

Brand: NGK

Part No: BCPR5EP

Fits: Honda, Infinitti, Mazda.

Made in Japan

Get NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plug Mazda, Lexus, Honda BCPR5EP

Laser Platinum Spark Plugs are high-performance spark plugs designed to offer exceptional durability and optimal engine performance. These spark plugs are typically recommended for modern engines that require precise ignition and extended service life. Here are some key features and benefits of Laser Platinum Spark Plugs:


  1. Platinum Tipped Center and Ground Electrodes:
    • Both the center and ground electrodes feature platinum tips, providing superior longevity and stable, reliable sparks. This design reduces wear and ensures a consistent performance over time.
  2. Laser-Welded Technology:
    • The platinum tips are laser-welded to the electrodes, ensuring precise placement and a strong bond, which enhances the spark plug’s durability and performance.
  3. Fine-Wire Design:
    • The fine-wire design of the center electrode reduces the voltage required to generate a spark, leading to more efficient ignition and better fuel efficiency.
  4. Trivalent Metal Plating:
    • A protective trivalent metal plating on the body of the spark plug offers excellent anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties, which helps maintain the plug’s performance and makes removal easier when replacement is necessary.


  1. Superior Longevity:
    • Platinum Electrodes: The platinum-tipped electrodes are highly resistant to wear and corrosion, resulting in a significantly longer lifespan compared to conventional copper or nickel spark plugs.
    • Extended Service Intervals: Laser Platinum spark plugs can last up to 60,000 to 100,000 miles, reducing the frequency of replacements and overall maintenance costs.
  2. Enhanced Ignition Performance:
    • Precise Spark: The fine-wire center electrode and platinum ground electrode enable a precise and consistent spark, ensuring reliable ignition under various driving conditions.
    • Quicker Starts: Improved ignition performance contributes to quicker engine starts, especially in cold weather.
  3. Improved Fuel Efficiency:
    • Complete Combustion: The efficient and reliable spark produced by Laser Platinum spark plugs ensures more complete combustion of the air-fuel mixture, which enhances fuel efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.
    • Optimized Engine Performance: Better combustion leads to smoother engine operation, increased power output, and improved throttle response.
  4. Reduced Emissions:
    • Cleaner Combustion: By promoting more complete combustion, Laser Platinum spark plugs help reduce emissions of harmful pollutants, including hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen oxides (NOx).
    • Environmental Benefits: Lower emissions contribute to a reduced environmental impact and help vehicles meet stringent emissions standards.
  5. Enhanced Durability:
    • High-Quality Materials: The use of durable materials such as platinum and advanced ceramic insulators ensures that Laser Platinum spark plugs can withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions within the engine.
    • Resistance to Fouling: Platinum electrodes resist fouling from carbon buildup and other deposits, maintaining performance over the life of the spark plug.
  6. Consistent Performance:
    • Stable Spark Gap: The durability of the platinum electrodes helps maintain a stable spark gap over time, ensuring consistent ignition performance throughout the spark plug’s lifespan.
    • Smooth Engine Operation: Consistent spark and combustion lead to smooth engine operation, reducing engine vibrations and noise.
  7. Compatibility with Modern Engines:
    • Advanced Engine Compatibility: Laser Platinum spark plugs are designed to work well with modern engines equipped with advanced technologies such as turbocharging, direct fuel injection, and variable valve timing.
    • Engine Management Systems: They are compatible with sophisticated engine management systems, ensuring optimal performance and fuel efficiency.
  8. Versatility:
    • Wide Range of Applications: Laser Platinum spark plugs are available for a wide range of vehicle makes and models, from everyday commuter cars to high-performance vehicles.
    • Adaptability: They can be used in various engine types and configurations, providing flexibility for different driving needs.

Installation and Maintenance:

  • Compatibility:
    • Laser Platinum Spark Plugs are designed for a wide range of vehicles, particularly those with modern engines that require precise and efficient ignition. It’s important to check your vehicle’s specifications or consult with a professional to ensure compatibility.
  • Installation:
    • Proper installation is crucial for optimal performance. This involves using the correct torque and ensuring the spark plugs are securely and correctly fitted. It’s often recommended to have them installed by a professional to avoid any issues.
  • Maintenance:
    • Regular inspection of spark plugs is essential for maintaining engine performance. Checking for signs of wear, such as deposits or a worn electrode, can help determine when it’s time for replacement. Laser Platinum Spark Plugs generally require less frequent replacement due to their extended lifespan.

Choosing the Right Spark Plug:

When comparing Laser Platinum Spark Plugs to other options like G-Power Platinum or V-Power Spark Plugs, consider the following:

  • Durability:
    • Laser Platinum Spark Plugs offer superior durability and longevity due to the dual platinum tips and laser-welded construction, making them ideal for long-term use.
  • Performance Needs:
    • If you require high-performance ignition and are willing to invest in premium spark plugs, Laser Platinum Spark Plugs are an excellent choice.
  • Vehicle Type:
    • Modern engines with advanced ignition systems often benefit more from the precise and reliable performance of Laser Platinum Spark Plugs.
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NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plug Mazda, Lexus, Honda BCPR5EP

NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plug Mazda, Lexus, Honda BCPR5EP

KSh1,000KSh1,200 (-17%)

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