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-good water separation
-good corrosion protection
-cleans contaminated contacts
-penetrates layers of oxides and sulphides




Unlocking Precision and Performance: The LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray


In the rapidly evolving world of automotive maintenance and care, LIQUI MOLY’s Electronic Spray emerges as a versatile solution for enhancing electrical connections, ensuring optimal performance, and prolonging the lifespan of electronic components. This comprehensive guide will explore the features, applications, and benefits of LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray, shedding light on its role in maintaining the electrical integrity of vehicles and other electronic devices.

Features of LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray:

  1. Advanced Formulation: LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray is crafted with a specialized formulation designed to provide superior protection and performance for electronic components. The spray contains a blend of high-quality additives that offer anti-corrosion properties and promote electrical conductivity.
  2. Versatility: Designed for a wide range of applications, LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray is suitable for use in various electronic systems. From automotive electronics, ignition systems, and sensors to household appliances, industrial equipment, and communication devices, the spray’s versatility makes it a go-to solution for diverse electronic components.
  3. Corrosion Protection: Electrical connections are vulnerable to corrosion, which can lead to poor conductivity and compromised performance. LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray forms a protective barrier that guards against corrosion, ensuring that electronic components function optimally even in challenging environmental conditions.
  4. Cleaning Action: In addition to corrosion protection, the Electronic Spray excels in cleaning electrical contacts and removing contaminants such as dust, dirt, and oxidation. This cleaning action helps restore proper electrical conductivity, promoting efficient performance and reducing the risk of electrical malfunctions.

Benefits of LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray:

  1. Enhanced Electrical Conductivity: The specialized formulation of LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray enhances the electrical conductivity of connections, ensuring a consistent flow of current. This is particularly crucial for sensitive electronic systems where precise signals and data transmission are essential.
  2. Preventive Maintenance: Regular use of LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray can serve as a preventive maintenance measure, protecting electronic components from the adverse effects of corrosion and contamination. By incorporating the spray into maintenance routines, users can extend the lifespan of electronic devices and reduce the likelihood of electrical issues.
  3. Improved Performance: Optimal electrical conductivity translates to improved overall performance of electronic systems. Whether in a vehicle’s engine management system, sensors, or household electronics, LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray contributes to reliability and efficiency, resulting in a smoother operation and extended lifespan of electronic components.
  4. Easy Application: The spray’s user-friendly application makes it accessible for both automotive enthusiasts and professionals. The convenient aerosol can allows for precise and targeted application to electrical connections, switches, and other electronic components, eliminating the need for disassembly.

Usage Guidelines:

  1. Targeted Application: LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray is best applied directly to electrical connections and components. Prior to application, it is advisable to disconnect power sources and allow the sprayed areas to dry thoroughly before reconnecting.
  2. Regular Maintenance: For optimal results, incorporate LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray into regular maintenance schedules. Periodic application, especially in harsh environmental conditions, ensures ongoing protection and performance optimization.
  3. Compatibility: The spray is generally safe for use on a variety of materials commonly found in electronic components, including metals and plastics. However, users should verify compatibility with specific materials and follow manufacturer recommendations.


In the dynamic landscape of electronic maintenance, LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray stands as a reliable ally for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its advanced formulation, versatility, and user-friendly application make it a valuable tool for ensuring the longevity and performance of electronic components in vehicles, household devices, and industrial equipment. By incorporating LIQUI MOLY Electronic Spray into regular maintenance routines, users can unleash the full potential of their electronic systems, benefitting from improved conductivity, corrosion protection, and enhanced overall performance.

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KSh1,500KSh2,000 (-25%)

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