Havoline® Formula SAE 20W-50 Mineral Oil

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  • Havoline® Formula is formulated with Deposit Shield™ to provide outstanding protection and value for clean, smooth-running engines.
  • Havoline® with Deposit Shield™ is an advanced detergent formula that helps prevent deposit build up for improved oil stability and increased engine durability.
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Havoline® Formula SAE 20W-50 Mineral Oil Price in Kenya

Havoline® Formula SAE 20W-50 Mineral Oil in Kenya is Ksh 2,200 .Caltex Havoline 20W-50 is a mineral-based motor oil that is designed to provide reliable protection and performance for older gasoline engines. It is formulated with high-quality base oils and a balanced additive package that helps to reduce engine wear, control deposits, and maintain engine cleanliness.

The importance of Caltex Havoline 20W-50 is that it is designed to meet the needs of older engines that may require a higher viscosity oil to maintain proper oil pressure and lubrication. It is suitable for use in both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines and can help to extend the life of your engine. It’s important to choose a motor oil that meets the manufacturer’s recommended specifications for your vehicle to ensure that it provides optimal protection and performance.

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