Front Shock Absorber Xtrail T31(KYB) KAYABA

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KYB shock absorbers made in Japan.

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Front Shock Absorber Xtrail T31(KYB) Kayaba in Kenya

Find the best prices for front shock absorber for Xtrail T31 in Nairobi Kenya

KYB shock absorbers are a line of high-quality, reliable suspension components designed to improve the handling, stability, and ride comfort of your vehicle. KYB is a leading global supplier of shocks and struts for the automotive industry, known for their innovative design, advanced technology, and use of high-quality materials.

KYB shock absorbers are available in a variety of types, including gas shocks, hydraulic shocks, and heavy-duty shocks, each designed to meet specific needs and applications. They are made to exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance for your vehicle, and are rigorously tested to ensure long-lasting durability and reliability.

Regular replacement of shock absorbers is essential to maintaining the proper functioning of the suspension system, ensuring optimal performance and safety on the road. KYB shock absorbers are designed to provide superior handling, stability, and comfort, and are a popular choice among automotive enthusiasts and professionals.

Whether you need replacement shocks for a specific make and model of vehicle, or are looking for high-performance shocks for racing or off-road use, KYB has a wide selection of shock absorbers to meet your needs.

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Front Shock Absorber Xtrail T31(KYB) KAYABA

KSh13,500KSh14,800 (-9%)

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