Ford Pkw Oil Filter

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Ford Pkw Oil Filter

Brand: Febi Bilstein

Part No: 109139

Filter type: Spin-on Filter

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Made in Germany

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Oil filters are often overlooked components of a vehicle’s engine system, yet they play a crucial role in maintaining engine health and performance. In this discussion, we’ll delve into the benefits of oil filters and the signs indicating when a car may need one.

Benefits of Oil Filters:

  1. Contaminant Removal: Oil filters trap contaminants such as dirt, metal particles, and sludge, preventing them from circulating through the engine. These contaminants can cause friction, wear, and damage to engine components if not removed promptly.
  2. Extended Engine Life: By keeping the engine oil clean, oil filters contribute to prolonging the life of the engine. Clean oil helps lubricate engine parts more effectively, reducing friction and wear over time.
  3. Improved Engine Performance: Clean oil is vital for optimal engine performance. Oil filters ensure that the engine is supplied with clean oil, which helps maintain proper lubrication, cooling, and sealing within the engine, resulting in smoother operation and better overall performance.
  4. Fuel Efficiency: A clean engine operates more efficiently, leading to improved fuel economy. By removing contaminants from the oil, oil filters help maintain engine efficiency, ensuring that the engine operates at its best and consumes fuel more efficiently.
  5. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Regularly replacing the oil filter is a relatively inexpensive maintenance task compared to repairing or replacing damaged engine components. By preventing contaminants from causing damage, oil filters help reduce overall maintenance costs over the lifespan of the vehicle.
  6. Environmental Protection: Properly functioning oil filters prevent contaminants from entering the environment through exhaust emissions. This helps reduce pollution and minimizes the environmental impact of vehicle operation.

Signs a Car Needs a New Oil Filter:

  1. Dirty or Dark Oil: If the engine oil appears dirty or dark, it may indicate that the oil filter is not effectively removing contaminants. This can lead to accelerated engine wear and reduced performance.
  2. Low Oil Pressure: A drop in oil pressure can be a sign of a clogged oil filter. Reduced oil pressure means less oil is circulating through the engine, which can lead to increased friction and potential damage to engine components.
  3. Engine Noise: A noisy engine, particularly a knocking or ticking sound, can indicate insufficient lubrication due to a clogged oil filter. Proper lubrication is essential for reducing friction and preventing excessive wear on engine parts.
  4. Poor Performance: If your vehicle experiences a decrease in performance, such as sluggish acceleration or reduced power output, it could be due to a clogged oil filter. Clean oil is necessary for optimal engine performance, and a clogged filter can impede oil flow, leading to performance issues.
  5. Check Engine Light: The check engine light may illuminate on the dashboard if the engine is not receiving adequate lubrication due to a clogged oil filter. This warning should not be ignored, as it indicates a potential problem that requires attention.
  6. Excessive Exhaust Smoke: A clogged oil filter can cause oil to burn inside the engine, leading to excessive exhaust smoke. If you notice blue or gray smoke coming from the exhaust, it could indicate oil combustion due to a clogged filter.

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Ford Pkw Oil Filter

Ford Pkw Oil Filter

KSh1,250KSh1,500 (-17%)

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