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Find the Best Prices for Voxy Filter Combo in Nairobi Kenya

The Price for Toyota Voxy/Noah filter Combo is @Ksh1600 in Nairobi Kenya.

Combo is a set of air filter and oil filter.

Air filter is an important component in the car.The air filter is used to filter dust, contaminants and other pollutants particles from entering into the engine.

It allows clean air to enter into the engine enhancing effective combustion to take place and good performance of the engine.

Worn out and dirty air filter should be replaced with genuine and durable air filter to enhance engine longevity.

Oil filter is a vital component in a car.It ensures that all impurities and contaminants from entering into the engine.

Once the oil filter is contaminated with impurities and dust it become blocked and it fail to perform effectively .

It is therefore important  to change oil filter regularly for good performance of engine.



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