Tie Rod End Nissan Note E11(555)


Tie Rod End

Car: Nissan Note

Part No.SE4951 R/L

Price per piece

Brand :555

Made in Japan


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Tie Rod End Nissan Note E11(555) in Kenya.

Find the best prices for Tie Rod End  for Nissan Note in Nairobi Kenya.

The  Tie Rod End Nissan Note E11(555), price in Nairobi Kenya is Ksh 2000 Each.

Tie Rod End connects the steering rack to the steering knuckle.

Tie rod in good condition give a smooth and a comfort driving while steering.

Once they are worn out they cause vibration and clunking noises hence poor performance of the car while driving.

Worn out tie rod ends causes loosening in the steering.

To upgrade the performance of the tie rod end the worn out ones needs to replaced immediately.

Replacement of tie rod end should be on both side.

High quality, durable and affordable tie rod end should be suitable.

555 provide the best and of high quality product for your treasured car.