Steering Rack End(SR7840)555 Mitsubishi Pajero IV/Montero V87W/V97W


Mitsubishi Pajero VI/Montero

Rack End SR7840

555 Made in Japan

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Find the best prices for Steering Rack End(SR7840)555 Mitsubishi Pajero IV /Montero in Nairobi Kenya.

The Price for Mitsubishi Pajero IV/Montero Steering Rack End is @ Ksh 3000 in Nairobi Kenya.

Rack End is a very important part of the steering.

It provide stability of the steering.

Rack End transmit the control force of steering wheel to a wheel.

Worn out Rack End causes vibration and a knocking sound of steering wheel.

555 Rack End is suitable to replace the worn out rack end.

555 provide high quality and affordable parts for your treasured car.

The products are reliable and enhance good performance for the car.

555 Rack End has lasting power and therefore  if one of the rack end is bad it should used to replace both of them.