Shock Mount Honda Stream RN6-RN9 2006-2014(51920-SMA-014)



CAR: Honda Stream RN6-RN9

Position: Front



In Stock


Shock Mount Honda Stream RN6-RN9 2006-2014(51920-SMA-014) in Kenya.

Find the best prices for Shock mount Honda  Stream RN6-RN9 2009-2014  in Nairobi Kenya.

The Price for Honda Stream Shock Mount is Ksh3500 in Nairobi Kenya.

Shock Mount is a simple a very crucial component in the suspension system.

It plays an important role in keeping the shock attached in the right position.

A worn out shock mount affect the performance of the suspension system.

Shock mount don’t require maintenance  but needs replacement .

Once shock mounts are worn  out they produce unpleasant vibration and noises.

Shock mount lifespan depends on the condition of the road ,rough roads will reduce the lifespan of the shock mount while smooth shock mount may have a long life.

High quality, durable, reliable and affordable  shock mount are suitable for replacement  of worn out.