Rear Engine Mount LH Nissan Note E11


Rear Engine Mount LH

Car: Nissan Note

Part No.11360-AX000

Brand :RBI

Made in Thailand



In Stock


Find the best prices for Rear Engine Mount LH Nissan Note E11 in Nairobi Kenya.

The Rear Engine Mount LH Nissan Note E11, price in Nairobi Kenya is Ksh 3000

Engine Mount is a very crucial component part of the vehicle. It holds the engine into the car thus reduces vibration giving a smoother ride.

Worn out engine mount tend to cause vibration in the car.

Engine Mount don’t need servicing all  they require is a replacement.

Replacement of old and worn out engine mount help to contribute to keeping smooth running engine and eliminate the uncomfortable and noisy vibrations.

The longevity of engine mount depend on the driving style and the use of the car.

RBI provide high quality and durable product for your treasured car.



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