Lower Arm Ball Joint(SB7842) 555 Mitsubishi Pajero IV /Montero V87W/V97W


Mitsubishi Pajero IV/Montero V87W/V97W

Ball joint(SB7842) 555

Position: Lower Arm

555 Made in Japan.




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Find the best prices for Lower  Ball Joint (SB7842) for Mitsubishi Pajero IV/Montero V87W/V97W in Nairobi Kenya.

The Prices for Mitsubishi Lower Ball Joint is @ 3500 in Nairobi Kenya.

Ball joint is a vital component in the suspension system of a car.

Ball joint connects the control arms of the wheel to the knuckle.

It provide easy steering and also allow the driver to control the vehicle.

Ball joint lifespan depend on the driving habits and the road condition.

Worn out ball joint can cause loss of control of the vehicle.

High quality and durable ball joint are suitable for the replacement of worn out ball joint.

555 provide affordable and high quality parts for your treasured car.