Laser Platinum Spark Plugs (PFR5B-11 2300)


NGK PFR5B-11 replacement spark plugs
AC Delco 41800
AC Delco 5
AC Delco AC5
Accel 786
Autolite APP3924
Beck Arnley 176-5244
Beru 14F-6DPUR02
Bosch +11
Bosch FR7DP1X
Bosch FR7DPP22U
Brisk DR14ZC
Brisk DR17YP-1
Champion 10R12A
Champion 7071
Champion OE146
Champion RC10PYP4
Champion RC8PYPB4
Champion stk 7071
Champion stk 7346
Denso 3264
Denso 5303
Denso IK16
Denso IK16TT
Denso K20TT
Denso P22
Denso PK16PR-L11
Denso PK16PR11
Denso PK16R11
Denso stk 3264
General Motors 25164643
Isuzu 5-8610-3385-0
Isuzu 8-9711-1376-0
Motorcraft AGSF32PP
Motorcraft AGSP32FMF6
NGK stk 2300
NGK stk 7477
Nissan 22401-27N15
Nissan 22401-27N15-VA
Nissan 22401-27N15-VB
Nissan 22401-27N65
Subaru 22401-AA570
Subaru 22401AA570
Toyota 90098-66070
Toyota 90919-01168
Valeo 246898


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Find the best prices for Laser Platinum spark plugs PFR5B-11 2300 in Nairobi Kenya.

The Price for Laser Platinum Spark Plug is @Ksh1650 in Nairobi Kenya.

Spark plugs is the finiest  bolt of lighting .Small but mighty.

Fully functioning spark plugs equate a fully functional combustion system.

By replacing spark plugs  gives you an assurance that your car will start without a hitch.

Spark plugs longevity depend on the conditions and type of the spark plug.


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