GENUINE NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plugs (PFR5B-11 2300) Pack of 4


NGK PFR5B-11 replacement spark plugs
AC Delco 41800
AC Delco 5
AC Delco AC5
Accel 786
Autolite APP3924
Beck Arnley 176-5244
Beru 14F-6DPUR02
Bosch +11
Bosch FR7DP1X
Bosch FR7DPP22U
Brisk DR14ZC
Brisk DR17YP-1
Champion 10R12A
Champion 7071
Champion OE146
Champion RC10PYP4
Champion RC8PYPB4
Champion stk 7071
Champion stk 7346
Denso 3264
Denso 5303
Denso IK16
Denso IK16TT
Denso K20TT
Denso P22
Denso PK16PR-L11
Denso PK16PR11
Denso PK16R11
Denso stk 3264
General Motors 25164643
Isuzu 5-8610-3385-0
Isuzu 8-9711-1376-0
Motorcraft AGSF32PP
Motorcraft AGSP32FMF6
NGK stk 2300
NGK stk 7477
Nissan 22401-27N15
Nissan 22401-27N15-VA
Nissan 22401-27N15-VB
Nissan 22401-27N65
Subaru 22401-AA570
Subaru 22401AA570
Toyota 90098-66070
Toyota 90919-01168
Valeo 246898


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Laser Platinum Spark Plugs NGK (PFR5B-11 2300) in Kenya.

Find the best prices for Laser Platinum spark plugs NGK PFR5B-11 2300 in Nairobi Kenya.

The Price for Laser Platinum Spark Plug is Ksh1650 in Nairobi Kenya.

Spark plugs is the finiest  bolt of lighting .Small but mighty.

Fully functioning spark plugs equate a fully functional combustion system.

By replacing spark plugs  gives you an assurance that your car will start without a hitch.

Spark plugs longevity depend on the conditions and type of the spark plug.