Front Shock Absorbers V8 200 Series (Electric)


Electric Shock Absorber

Car :V8 200 Series

Position :Front



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Front Shock Absorbers V8 200 Series (Electric) in Kenya

Find the best prrices for Front Electric Shock Absorber for  V8 200 Series in Nairobi Kenya.

The Front Shock Absorbers V8 200 Series (Electric), price in Nairobi Kenya is Ksh 22,500

Shock absorber are important components of vehicle suspension system.

It controls the movement of the vehicle when the tyres comes into contact with pumps on the road.

Wearing out of the shock absorbers depends on the driving style and the load.

Worn out shocks produces unusual noises  and vibration while driving.

Good condition shock absorbers provide excellent comfort and perfect driving.

Electric shock absorber are suitable for they reduces vibration and increase higher performance of the car.

Electric shock absorber  have a long lifespan .

Genuine shock absorber are durable,of high quality and suitable for your treasured car.