Front Shock Absorber Mazda 6/ATENZA 2WD KYB(Kayaba)


Car:Madza 6/Atenza
Brand KYB 341449  341450
Made in Japan
Cross Reference
GAM634700A GS1D34700C
GS1D34700D GS1D34700E
GS1D34700F GS1D34700G
GS3L34700B GS4H34700B
GAM634900A GS1D34900C
GS1D34900D GS1D34900E
GS1D34900F GS1D34900G
GS3L34900B GS4H34900B


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Front Shock Absorber Mazda 6/ATENZA 2WD KYB(Kayaba) in Kenya.

Find the best prices for Front Shock Absorber for Mazda Atenza in Nairobi Kenya.

The Front Shock Absorber Mazda 6/ATENZA 2wd (KYB) Kayaba price in Nairobi Kenya is Ksh 8000

Shock Absorbers are very crucial parts of the vehicle.

It controls the movement of the vehicle when the tyres comes into contact with pumps on the road.

Wearing out of the shock absorbers depends on the driving style and the load.

Worn out shocks produces unusual noises  and vibration while driving.

Good condition shock absorbers provide excellent comfort and perfect driving.

KYB better option for they provide genuine and of high quality shock absorbers hence stable ride and better overall performance of your vehicle.

KYB will have you covered for your treasured car.

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