Front Brake Pad Toyota Mark X NIBK GRX12# GRX130#


Brake Pad

Car:Toyota Mark X GRX120 GRX125


Brand :NIBK

Made in Japan


In Stock


Front Brake Pad Toyota Mark X NIBK GRX12# GRX130#

Find the best prices for Front Brake Pad Toyota Mark X in Nairobi Kenya.

The Front Brake Pad Toyota for Mark X GRX12#,GRX#is Ksh3500 in Nairobi Kenya.

Brake are vital components of the braking system of the car.

The main function of brake pad is to slow or stop motion of the vehicle.

Maintaining effective brake pads is important to enhance high road safety, comfort and good driving experience.

Brake pad which are in good conditions will provide maximum braking power under all conditions and also safety ,comfort and service life.

Worn out and poor brake pads causes unsafe driving conditions.

Replacement of worn out brake pad should be with cost effective, durable and of high quality .

Installation of NIBK brake pad increase improvement in disc lifespan.

NIBK provide high quality provide for your treasured car.



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