Crossmember Bush Nissan Note E11


Crossmember Bush

Car: Nissan Note E11

Brand RBI

Made in Thailand.


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Crossmember Bush Nissan Note E11 in Kenya

Find the best prices for Crossmember Bush Nissan Note E11 in Nairobi Kenya.

The Crossmember Bush Nissan Note E11, price in Nairobi Kenya is Ksh 2800

The main purpose of Crossmember is to provide underside support of the car and to reduce vibration.

Crossmember Bush are important for comfortable driving and handling of the car.

Lifespan of the crossmember bush depends on the mileage ,the more the mileage the more worn out the arm bush.

Worn out arm causes discomfort, noises  and vibration.

Crossmember bush don’t require servicing but need a replacement.

New arm bushes improve the performance and handling of the car .

RBI provide the best and of high quality products for your treasured car.