Air Cleaner Toyota Alphard 2AR





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Air Cleaner Toyota Alphard 2AR in Kenya

Find the best prices for Air Cleaner for Alphard 2AR in Nairobi Kenya.

The price for Air Cleaner for Alphard is Ksh800 in Nairobi Kenya.

Air Filter is an important device in the car.

It removes particles like dust out of the air and cleans it before it get into the engine thus good performance of the engine.

Clogged air filter reduces flow of air to the engine causing ineffective  mixture air fuel  thus problem in driving.

Replacing air filter regularly increases car mileage and also prolong the engine lifespan.

Teson provide air cleaner that of good quality that prevent all contaminants and dust that harm the engine from entering into the engine.

Teson is an accepted air cleaner for your treasured vehicle and it gives value for your money.